Our Philosophy

All our ancestors were farmers: grains, vegetables, fruits, potatoes, wine, and cattle have always been the dominating factor in their lives. Many hands have worked the fields with great effort, year after year. That is what we at Doktorenhof continue to do.

By following old traditions that have been passed on from generation to generation, working with our hands, together with nature’s and the Creator’s blessing, our grapes grow and prosper.

Doktorenhof is a small manufacturer of Fine Wine Vinegars. Our vineyards
are situated close to the village of Venningen. We work our fields,
meadows and vineyards with natural materials only.

By taking our time, and pairing enthusiasm and love with background
knowledge collected throughout many generations, we create special and
unique vinegars that are full of power, richness, and grace.

Doktorenhof – Home of Vinegar, is part of a fulfilled life for our family and the people that help us.

Enjoy our products, which we continue to create for you with great pleasure. The fruit of our creation: Vinegar.

Natural cultivatione

The wines from our vineyards are made in accordance without chemicals and pesticides. We protect our vines with natural materials only.
All ingredients such as herbs, blossoms, fruits, berries, and honey are purchased exclusively from organic growers. There are no artificial aromas, no preservatives, and no flavor enhancers in our vinegars.
We manufacture, label, seal, and pack each bottle of vinegar and every glass with love, calmness and joy.

Homeland of the Vinegar ...

Dear guests…

For some time we have declared the antioxidant sulfur dioxide on our vinegar labels. This is required by law, so we abide by it. The Doktorenhof has always tried to produce its products as naturally as possible. You will find antioxidants in many of our natural foods. They aid and protect against free radicals and are important for the well-being of the body. You can find antioxidants in their natural form in vegetables, leaf lettuces, herbs, fruit, oil seeds, nuts, natural oils and fats and in many wild plants. Sulfur dioxides/ sulfites are naturally contained in onions, leek, garlic, wild garlic, vegetables, grapes and fruit. Sulfur dioxide is a natural product and protects against yeasts, fungi, bacteria and prevents undesirable brown-coloring of products.

Our grapes mature on the vines for a long time and are harvested when they look like raisins. That means the natural concentration of sulfuric acid is higher than 10 milligrams per liter of vinegar. This must be declared on our labels. Further information: The amount of sulfur dioxide in wine is much higher than in our vinegars. 

This is indicated by the term “contains sulfites” on the label. By
adding sulfur dioxide to , for example, salmon, dried fish, cheese,
dried fruit, nuts, horse radish, fruit juices and cosmetics premature
browning of the products is prevented and it protects against harmful
yeasts and bacteria.

The minimal amount contained in our vinegars is normally broken down in our bodies without any side effects. Please rest assured that we will always be committed to making traditional, pure, wholesome vinegar products. We guarantee that the time for sour sensuousness will continue at  Doktorenhof.

Give a gift certificate for a cellar tour including a sampling of different vinegars. Surprise friends, relatives, business  partners or colleagues with this “sensuously sour” experience. They will embark on a mysterious journey to the land of the sour elixir.


The village of Venningen was first mentioned 1150 years ago. Remains from the Celts, Romans, and Merovingians are still found today during excavations and often by farmers working their fields. Venningen has been home to many generations before us and will hopefully continue to do so for many generations after us.

Our family has also been located here for hundreds of years. Living and working with the seasons, always hoping for a good harvest in order to provide for the family, is what shapes our existence. For over 20 years now, we have been devoted to creating this special and  traditional yet so unique product.

Doktorenhof  is all about Vinegar. Our own vineyards are the foundation for the creation of noble vinegars. Almost 100% of our vinegar is handmade. From the sustainable viticulture with organic wines full of richness, via the careful and traditional vinegar fermentation in our cellars, to the filling, sealing, waxing, and labeling of the hand blown bottles. Each bottle of Doktorenhof Vinegar is one of a kind.

Our passion is to create unique products that are based upon great history.

Saffron – the spice of kings, grown in our own fields 

According to legend  Zeus slept on a bed of saffron. Wealthy Romans sprinkled saffron on their wedding beds and in ancient times the spice was considered the most luxurious ingredient for fine foods. Choice saffron from the best fields is wedded with vinegar from the Doktorenhof to create exquisite aromas for royal food. Use our saffron vinegar when creating fine fish sauces, for seafood, the famous paella and for divine white meat creations, fruity sauces and seductive desserts.

Here’s another interesting fact: Our hometown of Venningen was a little enclave of saffron production in Germany at the end of the 19th century. Now we have reintroduced these precious saffron bulbs and each fall we can look forward to a small but exclusive harvest.


Raiffeisenstr. 5
67482 Venningen

Tel: 06323 5505