Unfolding of the vinegar.

Drinking instructions

with the original Doktorenhof vinegar glasses

The original Doktorenhof vinegar tasting glasses are a wonderful precision made of fire and glass.

Pour the vinegar just below the point of the cone. Drink slowly in small drops. Apply the vinegar directly to the tip of the tongue and let it run slowly around the edge of the tongue to the neck of the tongue. Here our vinegar will develop its full aromas and flavors and develop a pleasant feeling of acidity and sweetness.

Celebrated as an aperitif, our creations stimulate the appetite, sensitize the taste buds and put you in the mood for the upcoming meal. As an intermediate course “Trou normand”, vinegar has a stimulating effect on the stomach and creates space for the actual main course. Served as a digestif, it counteracts the feeling of fullness and underlines the easy digestibility of the food.

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