The life of every man is like a fairy tale written by God ...

Enter and be heartily welcomed into our small world
of "sour sensuousness"
Feel at home on our premises and enjoy
the unique atmosphere of peace,
sensuousness and the perfumed smells of our vinegar.

The Aceto-Plaissiere at Doktorenhof

We would like to present vinegar in all its wasteful aroma
as that what it has always been - a mystical elixer of the senses and the palate.
Visit us in the beautiful Palatinate to discover our historical cellars and to learn more about vinegar:
Doktorenhof is a small refuge which shows you this slightly "sour" Balsam - its mysticism and tradition.

Fleur de Dottore -
seasoning sauce

Fruits and herbs combined with absolutely excellent vinegar and
ancient rock salt.

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