It is our passion to create unique products based on history and tradition.

aperitife and digestive vinegars

for drinking

vinegars for cooking

to season and refine

noble wine vinegars

for the body

Fine wine vinegars for cooking...

Use our vinegars frugally for entrées, fresh salads, bold sauces, newly-picked vegetables, delicious desserts and for anything that your
personal tastes tell you a hint of vinegar could refine.
Celebrated aperitifs, our creations stir the appetite, sensitize the taste
buds and set the mood for a meal.
As „Trou Normand,“ an intermediate course, vinegar stimulates the
stomach and creates room for the main course. As a digestif, it counteracts
a feeling of fullness and underscores the light digestibility of
the food.

Herbal and wellness vinegars

Our work at Doktorenhof goes back to a century-old tradition. The use of vinegar was well known to nearly all cultures in former times. Up to 6000 years ago people in Babylon fermented well-tasting vinegar that has been known for healing effects against numerous diseases, too. In China, vinegars were produced and degusted regularely in order to guarantee a long life for prosperous authorities. Ever since then vinegar is seen as a symbol of life.

History shows that the curative virtue of vinegar was well known in synergy with assorted herbs throughout multitudinous cultures. In ancient Greece it was Hippokrates himself who dedicated his efforts to the production of vinegar for medical purposes. Arabian medics healed open wounds with vinegar. Famous mediaeval medics like Paracelus and Johan Agricola used it as the well proven cure.

Also famous German saint Hildegard of Bingen and Bazillus Valentinus praised the blessed and wide applications of this amazing resource.

... grapes from our own vineyards are the foundation of our work.

Handblown glasses

All of our hand-blown glasses
and carafes have been created
and designed by ourselves.
Experienced glass-blowers
carefully make all of our
glassware according to our

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Give away sensual gift ideas .. 

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Doktorenhof mustard is
ground with the finest of
vinegars, making it a
culinary enrichment for
selected meals.

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own wines

We are proud. After more than 25 years we have taken up wine-making again, bottling it here at  Doktorenhof. We select mature, sweet, beautiful grapes, ferment them spontaneously without any additives or filtration.

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Vinegar pralinés

Finest delicacies, with aperitif vinegars refined ..

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Literature on vinegar  -  secrets, fairy tales, recipes, cocktails

… delightful recipes with beautiful pictures in and around the Doktorenhof
… discover new developments at the “home of vinegar”
… become a vinegar chef

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Shopping voucher

Give sour sensuousness, exquisite delicacies, tempting chocolates, culinary literature as a gift for special moments and special people with our gift certificates. To be redeemed during our opening hours or online.

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